National Rebuilding Day

DSCN2310RTSF’s most established program, Rebuilding Day is a citywide renovation effort that is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning and coordination. On the last Saturday in April and October, thousands of volunteers renovate non-profit facilities and schools and repair the homes of low-income, disabled and elderly San Franciscans.

Rebuilding Day is a part of National Rebuilding Day when tens of thousands of volunteers across the nation give back to their communities on the last weekend of April.

In 2010, RTSF launches our new Changing Neighborhoods, Changing Lives campaign, where we will create partnerships with existing San Francisco neighborhood groups to execute neighborhood improvements, including home repairs, facility and school renovations, community green projects and energy efficiency retrofits. Our goal is to support positive changes that have already been initiated by the neighborhood, build on established momentum, and increase the neighborhood’s capacity for growth and change though our collaborative efforts. Each year, we will select a neighborhood that is primarily low or moderate income, where we have had a high concentration of clients in the past, and which has an active neighborhood association. We believe that an integrated effort—bringing together the entire neighborhood’s resources—will result in more comprehensive and lasting improvements in each area we serve.

For Homeowners

The Rebuilding Day program repairs and renovates homes of people who, due to age, financial limitations, or disability, cannot do the work themselves. Hundreds of skilled and unskilled volunteers give their time on the last Saturday in April to create safer, brighter, and warmer environments. Repairs and renovations differ from house to house. The work may include: painting, carpentry, plumbing, electrical, weatherization, clean-up, yard work and other necessary repairs.

Applicants must be low-income, elderly or disabled persons who live in San Francisco and both own and live in their home. To qualify for inclusion in either program applicants must meet the following income guidelines:

Number of people living in home Maximum combined income allowed
1 $62,200
2 $71,050
3 $79,950
4 $88,800
5 $95,950
6 $103,050
7 $110,150
8 $117,250

All financial information received from applicants is treated as confidential.

For Nonprofit Facilities and Schools

Our facility projects allow nonprofit agencies and public schools to focus their efforts and funding on program services, rather than on repairs and renovations. Teams of volunteers work under the direction of architects, designers and space planners to create efficient, stimulating work environments that improve nonprofit agencies’ productivity and ability to fulfill their missions. Typically, these projects focus on refurbishment, functional improvements, safety improvements, beautification and other enhancements to further the work of the organization.
Contact us for more information about any of our programs.

Application Forms

Home Renovation Form

RTSF’s home renovation programs include extensive repair services provided by teams of volunteers on Rebuilding Day which happens every year during the last Saturday in April and October. We provide safety modifications for eligible homeowners throughout the year, through our year-round Home Safety & Independence program.
Homeowner Application

Facility Renovation Form

RTSF provides renovation services to eligible nonprofit agencies and public schools on Rebuilding Day, which happens every year during the last Saturday in April and October.
Facility Application

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