The OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center – a project snapshot

The OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center – a project snapshot

Jun 5, 2012
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The Project: The OMI/Excelsior Beacon Center is dedicated to improving the lives of children, youth and adults by providing educational, recreational and support services for free to the community.

Why We LOVE Them: Situated smack dab between the OMI (Oceanview, Merced Heights & Ingleside) and Excelsior districts, the OMI/E Beacon is an extremely valuable resource to low-income families within District 11. In addition, they have been a valuable community partner to RTSF for a few years now – from outreaching to their families about our free services to working side by side on the OMI United community festival last spring, we were thrilled to be able to bring a team of volunteers to support their great work.

How They Found Us: Both RTSF and the OMI/E Beacon are involved with an awesome community group, the OMI-Community Collaborative, that focuses on the OMI community. For more information about this awesome collaboration, go here.

The Need: With shrinking State and City budgets, the OMI/E Beacon Center was unable to provide the much needed facility improvements, prioritizing instead the critical direct services that their clients rely on. Needless to say, we were thrilled to be able to bring a team of volunteers on Rebuilding Day (RD) to support this great facility’s space needs.

The Rebuilding Day Team: Under the phenomenal leadership of Construction Captain’s Conrado & Rashel (volunteers for 7 years & 4 years respectively) and Volunteer Captain Cyndi (volunteer with long time sponsor, Ernst & Young) the OMI/E Beacon had a tremendous amount of work accomplished. Bringing on board their fierce project management skills, Conrado & Rashel coordinated all technical elements of the project inlcuding: regular phone check-ins, facilitating the prep work on the Saturday before RD, finding skilled support and broke down a long list of wishful thinking into manageable tasks for 60 volunteers and ensured that we were able to deliver what we had promised. And thanks to the Swinerton team, led by long-time volunteer Steve Bicknell – we love working with you guys and appreciate whenever you jump on a project!

Thanks to Cyndi’s early & consistent recruitment, they had more than enough volunteers for RD, were able to identify project leaders that could help keep the day moving smoothly and even helped the Principal with an extra gardening project. Cyndi also kept the group motivated, the energy celebratory and everyone well fed and watered!

A big thank  you to all the Ernst & Young volunteers that came out and put in a full day of work on Saturday, April 28th. And an extra round of applause to the team’s Rebuilding Day Rockstar, Jeff Franco, as this volunteer really went above and beyond on the project: from leading the shed painting, managing the principals garden project to staying until the bitter end. Thank you Jeff, for being a true volunteer Rockstar!

The Work: The OMI/E Beacon’s final scope of work included:

  • Building out a multi-purpose room so that it could be used by staff, students and community members. Ensuring that this cramped & cluttered space could accommodate 40-50 kids was an impressive feat indeed and involved considerable re-organizing, creating storage in other locations, installing shelving.
  • Re-organize the staff’s administration office to allow them to optimize the small space, remove outdated computer work stations and to create more user friendly space that could be adaptable based on daily needs.
  • Construct a storage shed on the playground to house the toys and outdoor supplies freeing up much needed meeting space.
  • Schoolyard cleanup including weeding, mulching and improving the green space.
  • Cleaning up school hallways and the lights and pipes, generally improving the aesthetics for the kids and staff.

Partners: A big shout to all the following companies or volunteers that provided additional support to this project.

  • Recology for the donated dumpster
  • The awesome team of professional organizers from NAPO that helped with the pre-planning (Victoria, Cathy and the Trouts)
  • Mayor Lee for the site visit and words of encouragement

A BIG thank you to EVERYONE that helped out! Check out more pictures from this project here…

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