Mr. and Mrs. A from the OMI – A Project Snapshot

Mr. and Mrs. A from the OMI – A Project Snapshot

May 31, 2012
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The Project:  Mr. and Mrs. A have been great clients.  Mr. A describes their home in the OMI (Oceanview, Merced Heights, Ingleside) neighborhood as “their first and last.”  They’ve raised four children in this house, and it’s been their home base as they’ve weathered both good times and bad.

Why We LOVE Them:  Mr. and Mrs. A have lived in their home for 40 years.  Mr. A has a history of service;  in the Army, at the post office for 10 years, and as a maintenance worker keeping MUNI coaches up to snuff at the Presidio for 27 years.  Currently he enjoys working for the SF Giants at PacBell Park.  Mrs. A spent her whole career with the Department of Social Services and is currently a very active member in two senior centers.

How They Found Us:  Mr. and Mrs. A found out about us through the RTSF Outreach team’s efforts to reach the residents of the OMI neighborhood by contacting local senior centers, community centers and having previous home repair recipients spread the word about our services.

The Need:  Mr. and Mrs. A have done their best to maintain their home.  As they aged, maintenance became harder to keep up with.  Their backyard was overgrown beyond control, a leak in their roof  ruined portions of their lathe and plaster, and the interior walls hadn’t been painted in more than twenty years.

The Rebuilding day Team:  Led by veteran volunteer Mark Rosen as the Construction Captain , the team was able to complete an extensive scope of work.  Mark couldn’t have done it alone.  He teamed up with a Co-captain, Margie Lehnen-Holtz from the National Association of Professional Organizers – San Francisco Bay Area Chapter and the founder of Curb the Clutter.  Both Construction Captains were supported by SAP, led by Bill Potts as the Volunteer Captain.  The whole team did a remarkable job and Mr. and Mrs. A have been amazed at the work done in their home.  When asked if his team had a Rockstar Volunteer, Bill nominated  Jens Koerner because,  “not only was he upstairs working on the painting but he was also running around in the back yard with a chain saw that needed (his) constant attention!”  Great job to everyone involved!

The Work:

  • Add light fixture at bottom of stairs leading into garage
  • Install additional lighting in garage by washing machine, spare room, corner (behind furnace)
  • Install kitchen light fixtures
  • Repair door bell
  • Install bathroom light fixture and new light switch in bathroom
  • Repair master bedroom light fixture
  • Perform lead abatement on all peeling paint in living room, dining room, kitchen and bathroom
  • Mud and tape ceiling cracks in kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room
  • Professional Organizing (minimum 30 hours + follow-up)
  • Clean up/remove waste in backyard
  • Clean and paint living room, dining room ceiling, kitchen, bathrooms
  • Install hanging rods for laundry in garage
  • Caulk front steps
  • Replace bathroom vanity top and faucet


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