Inspiring Stories

These true stories inspire us to keep volunteering year after year. These people are our family, friends, and neighbors. They deserve to live in a healthy safe environment. They are the reason we do this, and it is our privilege to reach out to them. Below are testimonials from the homeowners and facilities that have been impacted by donations, volunteers, and sponsorships.
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Rebuilding Day

Volunteers Beautifying Landscape
He dreams of traveling around the world, but at 82, Mr. B is content with living the best life he can and to “be treated with the same respect that he gives others.”

Volunteer Hauling Debris
It sometimes feels overwhelming to be so alone,” she remarked as she reflects on her lowered activity level due to her health at 68 and living in a 100 year old house by herself.

Fall Build Day

Volunteers Building a Fence
You kept your word! And I sure am grateful,” exclaims Ms. B, an 89 year old living in the OMI. We made a promise in April, kept our word to a senior in need.

Volunteers Building a Fence
I would give you my heart if I could,” says Ms. W. At 70 she spends her time volunteering and fundraising for her local church and looks forward to learning how to knit.

Home Safety

Volunteer Group for Mr. W
Much needed and much appreciated” is how Mr. W describes the Home Safety work done to his home to prevent falls and help his mobility while he battles Multiple Sclerosis.

A Volunteer and Ms. C
She is 76 and young at heart, Ms. C loves embroidering and just getting out to talk to people while she works hard to recover from a debilitating arthritis attack.

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