Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission

“We mobilize teams of volunteers to revitalize neighborhoods by repairing homes and renovating nonprofit facilities and schools. By using and re-using available resources in our communities, we can provide these repairs free of charge to homeowners and communities.”

Our Values

  • We believe that low income seniors and people with disabilities should be able to age gracefully in their own homes.
  • We believe that nonprofit facilities and schools should be bright and healthy places to work and learn.
  • We believe that homeowners displaced by natural disaster will get back into safe housing with help from their community.
  • We believe that urban neighborhoods should provide affordable and safe housing for low income families.
  • We believe that the resources to make all this happen already exist in our San Francisco community, and with your help, we can change neighborhoods and change lives in San Francisco!

Our Vision for the Future

RTSF foresees a future for San Francisco in which the City is a safe and diverse place for all San Francisco residents, regardless of age, income or disability. This means:

  • More seniors living safely and comfortably in their homes
  • More non-profit facilities are clean, safe & healthy places to work
  • More neighborhood partners with RTSF
  • More community connectedness as a result of volunteers meeting homeowners and working on facilities
  • RTSF will be a neighborhood revitalization partner for the city of San Francisco
  • Schools and community centers will have a resource for renovations so they can direct dwindling funds to core objectives
  • More local companies will give back through employee volunteerism and financial support to National Rebuilding Days

  • "I am still admiring the work your staff did for us. I am still grateful." Mrs. C


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