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Rebuilding Together San Francisco mobilizes teams of volunteers to revitalize neighborhoods by repairing homes and renovating nonprofit facilities and schools. By using and re-using available resource in our communities, we can provide these repairs free of charge to homeowners and communities.


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We are seeking skilled or a weekend warriors with construction experience – we welcome your involvement. Professional or highly skilled carpenters, plumbers, electricians and painters increase the benefit and scope of what a renovation team can accomplish. Your expertise makes a big difference!

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RTSF’s most established program, Rebuilding Day is a citywide renovation effort that is the culmination of a year’s worth of planning and coordination. On the last Saturday in April, thousands of volunteers renovate non-profit facilities and schools and repair the homes of low-income, disabled and elderly San Franciscans.

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Sponsor a Rebuilding Day project! For almost two decades, Rebuilding Together has partnered with San Francisco’s leading corporations, small businesses, professional organizations, and congregations to improve the lives of low-income San Franciscans.

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July Volunteer of the Month: Russ Holt

By , on Jul 16, 2014
In Blog Posts
July's volunteer of the month is Russ Holt, who really came through for us with Builders &Brewers. The event  looked fantastic! We sat down recently for a quick interview. How did you first get involved with RTSF?   It was early 2013 and my boyfriend (a longtime volunteer) asked me if I would be interested in assisting on that upcoming Rebuilding Day, and I jumped at the opportunity. What is your professional background and how does RTSF relate?  My background is in film/TV and theater, and currently my company specializes in Live Event Productions. Hence, every workday presents scenarios where we need to plan, execute, and seamlessly complete complex installs and setups. RTSF is similar in that they have the single build day to complete monumental undertakings and, when completed, touch the lives of many. What keeps you hooked on RTSF?  It's rewarding to utilize my varied skillset amongst other likeminded individuals, all with the single goal of giving back to those that so desperately need assistance. Seeing the smile on someone's face after a project and knowing that their lives have been touched is the biggest hook for me. What is your favorite RTSF story or anecdote?  Being relatively new to RTSF, I am still gathering my stories and experiences. However, the most recent project we completed was for Liberation House. The task was daunting, with so much being done and so many crews working atop one another, but all working together. New electrical, new kitchens, fresh paint. In the end, to see just how appreciative the folks running the home were in having all these upgrades accomplished, and given to them since every dime the home ever receives is used to assist with the recovery of so many. Just being involved with the home brought a smile to my face. Any parting words you'd like to share with the RTSF world?     Whether it's only a moment or a month, any amount of time one can offer goes a long way to completing a project. Get others to join you for the day or just an hour, as I have learned along the way that there are a lot of folks out there that want to help, but they just don't know how to start.
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